Real Life Safaris

Hiking tours

We make your dreams of hiking true by taking you to good place in Rwanda where you will enjoy and experience a lot during your hiking of mountains and local hills like; Mount Bisoke, Kalisimbi, Sabyinyo, Mount Jali, Mount Kigali, Mount Kabuye, Mount Rubavu, etc…

Boating tours

We take you to different lakes found in Rwanda and you enjoy and experience boating activity there. Example of those lakes; Lake Kivu, Twin Lakes, Lake Ihema, Lake Muhazi, lake Mugesera, etc it’s your choice to tell us where you want us to take you among all those lakes.

Wildlife tours

We help you to do tours in wildlife species habitat and you get enough time to visit different fauna and flora species like Mountain Gorillas, big five animals, chimpanzees,... Those are some of the examples of a place and activities we can do with you during wildlife tours: Gamedriving in Akagera National Park, Mountain gorillas, Golden monkeys trekking,... in Volcanoes National Park, Chimpanzees trekking in Nyungwe National Park, Nyandungu Eco-Park, Mount Kigali, MountJali, etc

Cultural and historical tours

We help you to experience traditional dance and other cultural activities and history of Rwanda by taking you to different museums of Rwanda, Genocide memorial sites and cultural centers found in Rwanda like; King’s palace, Ethnographic Museum, Kigali Genocide Memorial, Murambi Genocide memorial, Gorilla Guardian Village, Redrocks, etc…

City tours

We help you to experience more about Rwandan old and new towns, old and new cities,...and see the beaty, history, current stories of Kigali city and good towns of Rwanda like; Rubavu town, Musanze town, We make sure that you have memorable experience during your tours with us !

Village walk

We give you another experience of walking in village and you get opportunity of meeting and talking to local community and tell you different stories, not only that but also taking you to their homes and show you how they do their daily chores, like milking cows,, traditional cooking, weaving of matts, weaving baskets etc…

Birds watching excursions

there are a lot of endemic birds, village birds, water birds, forest birds,... with us during your visit with birds watching

Tea and coffee experience

We take you to coffee and tea plantations to help you to explore more related to how it is planted,.... harvested, then experience how it processing until you hold it in your cup and taste it.

Biking tours

Experience and enjoy biking tours wherever in Rwanda of a thousand hills.Within the city, urban or sub-urban areas, every where biking is possible with Real Life Safaris

Banana beer breweries

We take you to the place where you can experience how to brew alocal beer traditionally from banana

Beekeeping experience

We take you to beekeeping farms where you will enjoy and experience how breeding of bees is made, learn how honey is harvested and get a chance of tasting that honey,...


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